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The quality we offer
is one of the best in Poland

  1. About us

    About us

    The quality we offer is one of the best in Europe. Depending on the demand, we print on modern, fully automatic or manual-operated machines. We’re able to prepare the print in a professional manner and create specific raster datasets to get the specific results. We do not spare ink or primer and we don’t work with cheap replacement products. Our print lasts for years.

    On our customers’ request we can apply different types of inks to achieve the desired effect – fluorescent, glowing in the dark, reflective, or holographic.

  2. Technology


    Screen printing – 3 automatic machines (8, 14 and 18 colours) and 1 manually-operated machine (6 colours)

    DTG – Epson F2000 digital printers

    4 thermal transfer printers

    GRAPHTEC cutting plotters

    2 embroidery machines (Tajima Tmar and Happy)

    Sewing room – 40 sewing machines

    Automatic screen washing technology

    M&R CTS i-IMAGE for top quality screens preparation

    Automated packaging (up to 1800 pieces per hour)

  1. Low prices for prints

    Low prices for prints

    We are one of the leading producers of apparel providers in Poland. Given our scale we are able to provide our clients with attractive prices.

  2. High quality

    High quality

    We give our utmost care in order to satisfy the clients. We become better each day.


  3. Short lead times

    Short lead times

    We know how important time is. We do our best in order to deliver on time and fast.

  4. Ecological inks with certificates

    Ecological inks with certificates

    We operate sustainably. We use inks and technics, which are least cumbersome for the environment.

Qualified team

Qualified team

The Loombi.pro brand is the people who create it. Our team consist of enthusiasts and specialists with many years of experience in the industry. The Production Division is the industry leader, so we can work on demanding and innovative projects. Our customers are provided services by a dedicated contact person whose role is not only to coordinate the execution of their order, but also to provide professional advice on the choice of garment, decorative elements, personalization or shipping. Due to our experience we’re able to participate in the most demanding marketing projects and provide our production services under the highest quality requirements.

The best T-shirts and apparel on the Internet

The best T-shirts and apparel on the Internet

Welcome! We’re glad you visited our wholesale loombi.pro portal.
We offer our many years of experience and enthusiasm in designing and printing T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, sports jerseys, jackets, hats, softshell jackets, hooded sweatshirts, bags, shirts, sportswear, fleece, lingerie or home and office accessories.

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If you have any questions about our products, design or cooperation, our specialists will be pleased to help you.

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