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Terms and conditions

Terms and Condition of Collaboration with Basics, the owner of Loombi brand.


1.1 Purchase orders for merchandise is accepted only in writing on the Basics’ purchase order form that shall include: NIP, correct address, telephone and fax numbers, names of people responsible for the order on the side of the Ordering Party and a company stamp with legible signature of an authorised representative of the company.

1.2 The Ordering Party is obliged to issue an authorisation for the person signing the order if this person is not included in the documents listed in 1.3.

1.3 When placing an order for the first time, the Ordering Party is obliged to send valid registration documents, i.e. certificate of registration as VAT payer (VAT-5), REGON (Polish National Business Registry no.) certificate,  except from the KRS (Polish National Court Register) or from the Central Registration on Business.

1.4 If the Ordering Party has outstanding payments, Basics is entitled to deny a new order. New orders will be processed after the outstanding payments are settled.

1.5 Until Ordering Party outstanding payments are fully settled, the merchandise continues to be owned by Basics.

1.6 Signed and returned orders or confirmations sent by the Ordering Party to the Supplier via email cannot be cancelled.



2.1 New clients are obliged to pay in cash or with prepayment for 100% of the first three orders. Following successful processing of these initial orders the client may request a 14-day payment deadline.

2.2 If a contract is delivered in parts, i.e. merchandise is delivered in a few separate portions, the Ordering Party shall cover the transportation costs of each delivery and receive invoices for delivered merchandise.

2.3 If the Ordering Party cancels the order, the Ordering Party is obliged to cover all costs borne by Basics for the procession of the order.

2.4 If the payment deadline is missed, Basics is entitled to charge interests for delay and serve the Ordering Party with the notice costs.

2.5 Should any dispute arise, the Ordering Party shall not withhold the payment for purchased merchandise. Possible dispute-related financial settlements may be conducted after reaching a joint agreement.

2.6 Basics is liable only up to the value of the order.

2.7 In case of change in EUR to PLN exchange rate that exceeds 5%, Basics reserves the right to change the price.



3.1 Due to the specific nature of the production process, Basics reserves the right to deliver +/- 5% of ordered merchandise.  The Ordering Party is obliged to accept the delivered amount of merchandise and pay for this amount. If the Ordering Party requires a precise amount of merchandise, the Ordering Party shall bear the additional cost related to delivering this amount. Basics on its part shall make every effort so that the amount produced is not smaller than the amount ordered. Production surpluses and products with slight defects may be given to charities or sold on the internal market. On the request of the Client, Basics may deliver second choice merchandise for the agreed price.

3.2 If the Ordering Party orders designed elements on Ordering Party’s’ own (provided) merchandise, Basics shall not be responsible for checking the quality of the merchandise. Basics may also charge additional fee for processing Ordering Party’s merchandise. The Ordering Party accepts +/-5% level of wastes created in the process of decorating for which Basics is not financially liable.

3.3 Basics is not responsible for temporary non-availability of merchandise at the supplier.

3.4 Basics is entitled to change the number of items of merchandise ordered in given sizes. Such changes shall not exceed 10% of the amount of ordered merchandise.

3.5 Basics informs that it is not responsible for divergences in shades between the colours of merchandise in the catalogue and the real colour of the ordered merchandise, and neither it is responsible for small differences in shades among ordered merchandise.

3.6 Company’s logo, content of the printing or embroidery and potentially the requested layout shall be delivered by client via email or on other electronic carrier together with a detailed description of the requested layout and colour scheme. If the project does not fulfil Basics’ requirements, Basics will charge additional fees in line with the current price list. Project visualisation on promotional products is produced by Basics for demonstrative purposes only and shall not be treated as an exact projection of colour scheme or layout. As printing on textiles has a specific nature, the pantone shades may differ from those presented on the visualisation.

3.7 All plates, templates, embroidery software as well as other consumables that are required to process the order continue to be owned by Basics.

3.8 If the order contains fewer than 1000 items, sample order shall be paid in line with the current price list. If the Ordering Party does not order a sample, the Ordering Party shall not claim the right to access or the right to quality of the designed elements, Basics on its part shall take every effort so that the quality of the designed elements is in line with relevant standards.

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